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Across the world, countless LGBTI people are forced to live in fear simply for being who they are. Not only do they have to worry about discrimination, isolation, and violence, but in 75 countries around the world, LGBTI people can be arrested for engaging in same-sex sexual relations. In 10 of these 75 countries, it is punishable by death.

Learn more about how laws criminalize LGBTI people in Uganda from activist, Qwin Mbabazi.

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We came together to field the largest ever survey on attitudes towards the LGBTI community across the world. With information from over 60 countries from every spot on the globe, we've found some incredible results. Take a look.

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Our friends at All Out are working tirelessly to spotlight LGBTI human rights violations when they happen around the world. Take a look at their petitions and sign your name to stand up for justice around the world.